A beautiful chandelier

Some white plastic spoon, a large bottle of mineral water

Some white plastic spoon, a large bottle of mineral water, an incandescent bulb and a switch with wire.

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13 comments on “A beautiful chandelier
  1. Name * says:

    gotta make this for my bedroom !!!

  2. mike says:


  3. Xalem says:

    Careful, you said “incandescent bulb”, which are the old style very hot bulbs. An incandescent bulb would melt or burn this nice chandelier. Truth be told, I would be very leery about even using a compact fluorescent with materials like this. This is a borderline fire hazard. Very pretty, but risky.

    • Yeshanu says:

      I’d definitely use the lowest wattage compact flourescent bulb that I could find for this project, as well as one of the larger PET bottles. But very cool–I may actually try this! Thanks for the post.

  4. Student6 says:

    Just use a LED bulb

  5. What a great concept – wow

  6. Buggsy says:

    Uh, really, this reminds me of the redneck inventions websites….

  7. Michaela says:

    I couldn’t find a large bottle of mineral water at walmart…… so i just got a circular/squar bottle of deer park, and im pretty sure it’s not gonna work.

  8. Michaela says:

    Harder than it lookss……

  9. lyly says:

    Intelligent and tallented. Thanks for the idea. Do not care of Xalem ‘ s thinking; their job is to destroy the tallented people

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