Pistol key cover

Small creative design, big change.

Small creative design, big change.

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6 comments on “Pistol key cover
  1. April says:

    Where can these be bought?

    • Amy f says:

      i know!!! hate it when they show a picture of something cool and then dont say where you can buy/find it..or they dont sell them….dumb!

  2. Margaret Salazar says:

    Also wondering where to get them

  3. Marylea says:

    Where can you buy these?????

  4. Marylea Baughan says:

    Where do you buy these?????????

  5. Linarrina says:

    In case any of you were still wondering, I looked these up and they’re $20 for 2 at most every website that sells them, though they are discontinued from a lot of sites as well. Try Amazon first and go from there! 🙂

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