Tubular Group 01 chairs

single lines chairs

Post-industrialization was put forward by the famous American sociologist Daniel Bell in 1973. He believes that human history can be divided into three stages: pre-industrial society, industrial society and post-industrial society. In post-industrial society, sense of design and beauty will be the key factors.

Based on Ara Levon Thorose’s understanding of the post-industrial society, this United States designer designed a group of chic chairs named Tubular Group 01.

simple chairs

If you are looking at these chairs from the outside, you may not think Tubular Group 01 is a set of chair design. These products with single soft lines look more like hand painted graffiti by the street artist. But, in fact, they are the really chairs in the three-dimensional world.

tubular chairs

The surface of the rubber material has neat pattern, making the surface of chair is not too smooth, so that users can firmly sit on top, and ensure a certain degree of comfort.

tubular group chairs

Designer: Ara Levon Thorose

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